Gain superpowers in the struggle for business customers loyalty

03 Dec 2018 in
Companies wants loyal customers, especially in B2B where regular customers with repetitive purchases, are the basis for the company’s sales. When it comes to consumers, bonus clubs and discount vouchers work well to keep customers, but the same concept within B2B can have a direct opposite effect. So, what creates loyal business customers?

Is customer loyalty dead?

13 Dec 2018 in
The time that customers stay with their provider is becoming shorter. Does it mean that the customer loyalty of corporate customers is completely dead? The answer is no, but the conditions have changed and this places new demands on service in the form of digital opportunities for information retrieval. The development of business relations that previously only touched the private market is now increasingly relevant for companies that work with corporate customers.

The mistake that will needlessly make you lose customers

11 Dec 2018 in

Is it contradiction in your efforts to grow the company? Is it difficult to get growth when your existing customers leave? What is it that makes existing customers leaving and what can you do about it?

Losing customers can be seen as a natural part of a functioning market. The fact that customers are able to switch suppliers is at the same time that which allows companies to grow. But it's always tough when a customer chooses to switch supplier, especially if it had been possible to avoid.