Is customer loyalty dead?

Is customer loyalty dead?

13 Dec 2018 in

Studies show that customer relationships within B2B, competition is increasingly exposed and the time that customers stay with their provider is becoming shorter. Does it mean that the customer loyalty of corporate customers is completely dead?

The answer is no, but the conditions have changed and this places new demands on service in the form of digital opportunities for information retrieval. The development of business relationships that previously affected only the private market is now becoming more relevant to look at the companies that work with corporate clients.

"The same people who are private individuals are also your corporate customers"

Keep in mind that there are people who in their daily lives are used to log in to, for example, their internet banking when they want to know their balance, loan terms, etc. Many of these people are in their professional lives, customers of a number of suppliers with which they are related. Then they are suddenly referred to call, email to get information, maybe such a simple thing as asking for an invoice, knowing their balance, etc.

Often, information retrieval is linked to a seller who contacts the customer on a regular basis, where the seller's primary goal is to sell any product or service.
In other cases, you have a designated contact to pursue to get the information you are looking for. What happens if the contact is sick or free? What does the customers perceive as to long time when they wait for answers?

It is for these people that providers respond "my clients are not mature" when asked why they do not have a customer portal. Imagine if customers knew that the reason their supplier does not give them the same service as a private customer is that they are not perceived to be sufficiently competent to use electronic services. Alternatively, the supplier does not think it is important enough to serve existing customers, to prioritize it relative to other investments.

This is perhaps one of the reasons that many companies experience customer loyalty as dead!

Could it be so simple that one feel it is a large project with a large investment? Nothing can be more wrong than that.
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Keep up with your future customer demands for service and interaction, and thereby conclude that loyalty is both alive and well.