What do you do instead of emailing sensitive data?

11 May 2021 in

We are used to email electronic documents to partners and customers containing business information. With more stringent regulations and legislation such as GDPR, the possibilities for this are more limited.

Transferring information that contains sensitive data requires an encryption that ensures that only the intended recipient is able to receive the information.


7 reasons to connect customer portal to Business Central

02 Sep 2020 in
  • Do you want to introduce a way to make business more convenient for your customers?
  • Do you spend many hours manually processing customer inquiries, invoice inquiries or follow-up of statuses?
  • Are you looking for ways to provide better service to your customers and create more business opportunities?

How to create a business case for a customer portal

08 Aug 2018 in

Investing in the company's customers and introducing a customer portal should pay off. But there are many investments for the company that needs to be prioritized, how should you know just how important it is to make this particular investment? Is it possible to calculate the benefits and profit with a customer portal and, based on this, get an ROI calculation?

What is the customer's benefit with the customer portal?

What is a customer portal?

10 Oct 2018 in

A customer portal is a secure website where customers log in to access updated information and have the opportunity for collaborative features. Examples of information that should be in the customer portal are the current balance, invoices the ability to register and handle cases etc.

Usage: "A customer logs in to the customer portal to view his invoice, balance, order history, or to interact with the supplier digitally."