Bizzjoiners with connection to Fortnox

Bizzjoiner has a ready connection to the business system Fortnox. This means that you have the opportunity to show your customers exactly the information from the business system that facilitates your joint business without any adaptation or program development.

The finished integration app allows you to connect Bizzjoiner with Fortnox with a few clicks.

What does the connection do with Fortnox

Make use of information you already have in the business system to provide customers with a better service! With Bizzjoiner's direct integration with Fortnox, you can easily make the customer's users have access to self-service beyond the usual.

Present accurate information to customers in real time. You decide which information should be available to the customer.

Among the information you can choose to display to your customers using the connection are:

  • Product information
  • Order and delivery information
  • Invoices and payments
  • Project information

How does it work?

We help you connect the information in your business system with your customer portal. The ready-made routines make the integration very smooth.

1. Locate and activate the "Bizzjoiner integration" app 

In your installation of Fortnox, make sure to activate the Bizzjoiner integration app. Find the app in the Fortnox marketplace and choose to activate it there.

2. Connect Bizzjoiner to Fortnox

Enter connection information about how Bizzjoiner should connect to your particular installation of Fortnox in Bizzjoiner's administration interface. By entering your login details and accepting the connection, Bizzjoiner now has access to the desired information in Fortnox.

3. Define the desired pages in Bizzjoiner

In Bizzjoiner, you can decide in great detail how the information should be displayed and for which users. Of course, the connection protects so that customers only access their own information.